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Secure erasing

Nowadays, in a strong competitive environment and under the ever strictening legislation, you have to address data protection om your servers, computers, etc. in a serious manner. Even more in the moments when you release your data carriers out of your control.

Do you need to file a complaint on your HDD, that contained or still contains sensitive data? Are you afraid of leakage or abuse of that data?

Do you ship your hardware with a storage device to your service provider, but you do not want to send your data along with it?

Do you dispose of storage media, computers, servers, and want to be sure that the data stored on them will not be gained by any unauthorized person?

Do you want to be absolutely sure that no-one unauthorized will not be able to gain sensitive data from your device, even using the most seamless method of recovering deleted data?

Our Disks and media erasure service is just the suitable solution for you:

Proporties of data deletion

You may no longer be worried of your data misuse. Unique secure and certified data deletion service from all common storage media. Safe and certified data erasure using a professional degausser with unique technology utilizing an extremely high and accurate electromagnetic field up to 11,000 Gauss.

Disk Degausser

Designed for certified media deletion

Meets the requirements of the laws, regulations and safety guidelines of:

Disk Delete possibilities

Erasing 1pc of storage medium 4 €
Issuing a certificate
on the deletion of the storage medium
4 €
Data erasure on customer premises
80 €
of equipment and services to customer premises
0,40 € / km
Data erasure presence
customer’s or customer representative’s o­versight
8 € / hour
Storage media installation from / into the device 16 € / hour

Prices do not include VAT.

Due to high demand of the service caused by a new legislation initiative, orders are taken via e-mail 2–3 days in advance.

Partnership cooperation offer

Nethost partner Are you an IT company, are you managing computers, servers and you are dealing with discs or other storage media disposal?

Do you need to reliably erase data carriers on a regular basis or in a larger volume?

We will offer you favorable partner terms for our continued cooperation. Please contact us.

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