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DB Servers and Clusters

Database server

Database server It is a secured repository for your databases. It allows you to work with structured information, to have fast access and to search, sort, and transactional processing mode.

Use the main functionality of database servers:

We provide database servers with a number of database systems, most often:

MySQL Postgree Mongo DB Maria DB Microsoft SQL

Database server cluster solution

Database cluster Raises the classic database server to significantly higher level in termsof reliability and performance. It consists of two or more servers. This redundancy ensures high fault tolerance and high performance.

A database cluster allows you to use it:

Technology for database cluster

Galera cluster
Percona cluster
  • Optimized Network Protocol.
  • Encrypting traffic.
  • Detect and automatically delete damaged nodes.
  • Easy to use and deploy.
  • True Multi-Master, Active-Cluster – any time read and write to any node.
  • Synchronous replication – no delay or loss of data when a node fails.
  • All nodes have the same status. There is no differentiated data between the allowed nodes.
  • Multi-threaded slave – better performance in any workload.
  • Automatic Node Provisioning – there is no need to back up the database and copy it to a new node.
  • Quick and consistent query execution.
  • Dramatically reduces server downtime.
  • High security with binary protocol encryption.
  • Increased server consolidation efficiency.
  • Delayed or totally excluded cleavage.
  • Increases the flexibility of database architecture.
  • Vertical scalability and server consolidation.
  • Detailed logging of queries with statistics.
  • Advanced, fully functional external authentication, including audit logging.

Variant selection and easy ordering

We offer database servers and clusters in five variants with the possibility to adjust other parameters according to your needs.

Easy and fast purchase – choose a variant, adjust the parameters and order.

DB server MINIDB server SMALLDB server STANDARDDB server BIGDB server XXL

All prices are without VAT and include the calculated bonus.

Security and backup

Database servers and database clusters security is the highest priority, in addition to the basic solution, VPS for secure communication with the server or to communicate cluster nodes with each other and a firewall to protect the management of the server or individual cluster nodes.

We back up data and databases according to your individual needs. We recommend your Attention Specialized, robust, secure and cost-effective backup tool PDS (Persistent Data Storage).

We will gladly answer your questions and, if necessary, propose a solution according to your needs.

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